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“I made a promise to prioritize myself.”

So, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to blog each day, but I will definitely keep my blog and Instagram updated throughout this journey.

My main personal goals for this challenge are centered on my physical and mental health. The overall goal of the challenge is to create new habits - so we are doing this for 21 days.

It’s so important for me to start the day with a yoga and meditation practice. This is something that I have gotten away from. Anxiety has become my new alarm clock. I am in the midst of organizing a move out of my apartment, as well as preparing for a career change and going on job interviews. I’ve been waking up in such a frenzy that I spend my whole day in a state of panic.

In November of last year, I was hospitalized due to work stress and severe depression. I was overworked, burnt out, clinically depressed, uninspired, unmotivated… you name it. Those were dark times. Through the thick of it all I neglected myself, both physically and mentally. I made a promise to myself to prioritize myself.

My morning challenge is about devoting time to myself and my spiritual practice, as well as some more basic self-care practices like not checking my phone before bed, and trying to wake up earlier in the morning.

Here is my morning routine that I would like to turn into a habit (again):

  1. Waking up earlier - no more rolling out of bed last minute

  2. Yoga - anywhere from 10-30 mins of a Vinyasa flow (great whole-body workout!)

  3. Meditate - 15 mins is a good place to start. I like to use the Insight Timer app, which can be found on Google Play and the Apple Store. I use both guided meditations and ambient music.

  4. Gratitude - write down, or simply marinate in the thoughts of, things I am grateful for. A roof over my head, my education, my friends and family, running water, food in the fridge, and clean clothes are always on my list.